Purdue Women Innovators


Purdue University has a long history of supporting strong women leaders. The trend continues with Purdue women innovators and entrepreneurs who are making their mark in the world of technology transfer and commercialization. It is estimated that more than 100 women are actively engaged in entrepreneurial activities at Purdue, many of whom have founded startups in addition to their academic or administrative responsibilities. Here is a list highlighting many of these women.

College of Agriculture


Jody Banks

Professor, Botany and Plant Pathology 

Jody Banks is leading research on two different projects involving fern gametophtyes - one to discover genes necessary and sufficient for sex determination and another to understand how the fern is able to tolerate and accumulate high levels of arsenic. For more information about Jody Banks, click here.

Janna Beckerman

Professor, Botany and Plant Pathology 

Janna Beckerman's research involves the biology and management of apple diseases with a focus on fungicide resistance, morel biology and genomics along with phytophthora biology and management in ornamentals. For more information, click here.

Natalia Dudareva

Distinguished Professor of Horticulture

Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Natalia Dudareva's area of expertise is plant molecular biology. She has received several awards related to her research.  Her research has led to the discovery of a microbial-like pathway in plants that produces phenylalanine, an amino acid that is a vital component of proteins. Read more about Natalia Dudareva here.


Elizabeth Flaherty

Assistant Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Habitat Management 

Elizabeth Flaherty's research interests include mammalian responses to habitat fragmentation, forest ecology, locomotion costs for arboeal and semi-arboreal mammals and stable isotope ecology. For more information, click here.

Catherine Hill

Professor, Entomology

Catherine Hill's research includes finding ways to develop new methods of controlling disease-carrying insects that have become resistant to insecticides. For more information about Catherine Hill, click here.

Karen Plaut

Senior Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs

Director, Ag Research

Professor, Animal Sciences 

Karen Plaut has active research programs in mammary gland biology and how it all interacts to regulate mammary development and lactation. To learn more about Karen Plaut, click here.

Lisa Mauer

Professor, Food Science 

Lisa Mauer is leading research in water-solid interactions, shelf-life, food safety and the effects of processing on food ingredients. For more information, click here.

Linda Prokopy

Professor, Natural Resource Social Science 

Linda Prokopy studies social, political and economic implications of alternative public policies with regard to the protection, management and use of natural resources. To find out more, click here.

Kara Stewart

Assistant Professor, Animal Sciences

Kara Stewart teaches animal sciences, with her area of expertise being reproductive physiology. She has served on panels at animal conferences and advises on reproductive research programs. Read more about Kara Stewart here.

Hazel Wetzstein

Department Head and Professor, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Hazel Wetzstein's research emphasis is in plant growth and development, reproductive biology, conservation and tissue culture and medicinal plants. For more information about Hazel Wetzstein, click here.

College of Engineering


Dulcy Abraham

Professor, Civil Engineering 

Dulcy Abraham's research interests are in infrastructure assessment and rehabilitation, construction automation and robotics, resource leveling/resource allocation, and environmental issues in construction. To learn more about her research, click here.

Alina Alexeenko

Associate Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics

Alina Alexeenko's interests in the aeronautics and astronautics field range from rarefied gas dynamics to direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) and particle-in-cell Monte Carlo collisions (PIC/MCC) techniques. To read more about Alina Alexeendko, click here.

Kaethe Beck

Managing Director, VACCINE 

Kaethe Beck works with the VACCINE program, Visual Analytics for Command, Control, and Interoperability Environments. For more information about VACCINE, click here.

Alexandra Boltasseva

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Co-founder, Nano-Meta Technologies

Alexandra Boltasseva leads research in nanophotonics, nanofabrication, plasmonics, metamaterials, integrated optics and sensing. She co-founded Nano-Meta Technologies in 2014. Read more about Alexandra Boltasseva by clicking here.


Mireille Boutin

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Mireille Boutin's research is in computer vision and image processing, automatic language translation, mobile device applications, interdisciplinary research and computational and applied mathematics. For more information, click here.

Cordelia Brown

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Assistant Professor, Engineering Education 

Cordelia Brown leads research in fault tolerant systems, digital system design, learning models, assessment of instructional methods and recruitment and retention initiatives in ECE. To read more about Cordelia Brown, click here.

Teresa Carvajal

Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

COO, Biokorf LLC

Teresa Carvajal's research focuses on surface science of pharmaceutical, food and agricultural materials. Currently, she is working on the effect of mechanical stress on the microstructure of organic crystalline materials in order to understand mechanical and surface properties. To learn more about Teresa Carvajal, click here.


Zhihong Chen

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Zhihong Chen's research interests are in the exploration of physical properties of nano-materials; control and manipulation of material properties to fit the needs of non-electronic applications as well as designing and fabricating novel nano-devices and circuits for various applicaton fields. For more information, click here.

Monica Cox

Associate Professor, School of Engineering Education

Monica Cox's research interests range from exploration of professional development experiences and skills among engineering graduate students and professionals to integration of concepts from higher education and learning science into engineering education. To read more about Monica Cox, click here.

Melba Crawford

Associate Dean, Research

Professor, Agronomy, Civil Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering

Chair, Excellence in Earth Observation 

Melba Crawford is affiliated with civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, industrial engineering as well as environmental and ecological engineering. To learn more about her work at Purdue University, click here.

Patricia Davies

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Director, Herrick Labs 

Patricia Davies research ranges from signal processing and data analysis to the impact (annoyance and sleep disturbance) of aircraft noise. To find out more about Patricia Davies' research, click here.

Shirley Dyke

Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering
Shirley Dyke's research interests include structural health monitoring, real-time hybrid testing and earthquake monitoring. To learn more about her research and affiliations, click here.

Abigail Engelberth

Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Assistant Professor, Environmental and Ecological Engineering 

Abigail Engelberth's research is focused on the recovery of valuable co-products from biological sources. To learn more about her research, click here.

Audeen Fentiman

Associate Dean, Graduate Education and Interdisciplinary Programs

Professor, Nuclear Engineering 

Audeen Fentiman has research interests ranging from radioactive waste management to engineering education. To learn more about her work. click here.

Jane Frankenberger

Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering 

Jane Frankenberger has led numerous programs in soil and water engineering and water management. To learn more about her work, click here.

Carol Handwerker

Reinhardt Schuhmann Jr. Professor of Materials Engineering

Carol Handwerker is working to develop and apply thermodynamic and kinetic theory and experiments of phase transformations and interface motion to solve important industrial and scientific problems. To read more about the research, click here.

Nancy Ho

Research Professor, Chemical Engineering

Group Leader, Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering

Nancy Ho's research focuses on biofuels research, leading to the development of what is known as Purdue yeast. This discovery led to the creation of her own company, Green Tech America, which is working to further develop the Purdue yeast for advanced biofuel production. For more information about Nancy Ho, click here.


Beth Holloway

Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Education
Director, Women in Engineering 

Beth Holloway currently serves as the director of the Women in Engineering Program and also serves as Purdue's SWE advisor.

Kathleen Howell

Distinguished Hsu Lo Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Kathleen Howell's research interests include orbit mechanics, spacecraft dynamics and trajectory optimization. Current research efforts focus on spacecraft navigation and maneuver requirements and mission planning. To learn more about Kathleen Howell's research projects, click here.

Monika Ivantysynova

Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Monika Ivantysynova has a joint professorship in Mechanical Engineering and is also a professor in the Maha Fluid Power Research Center. Her research centers on the optimization of hydraulic component design, advanced system solutions, motion control with electro-hydraulic actuation and the development of design algorithms. To learn more, click here.

Leah Jamieson

John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering

Ransburg Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Leah Jamieson is the current dean of the College of Engineering at Purdue University. To learn more about her, click here.

Rebecca Krone Kramer

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Rebecca Krone Kramer founded the Fabratory in the School of Mechanical Engineering and was named to Forbes' 30 under 30 in manufacturing in 2015. Her work is in sensing and electronics, especially in wearable technology and 'sensory skins.' For more information about Rebecca Krone Kramer, click here.

Julie C. Liu

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Julie Liu's research focuses on developing protein-based biomaterials for applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. She is also working on material-based cues for skeletal engineering and tunable microenvironments for endothelial differentiation. To read more about Julie Liu, click here.

Rebecca McDaniel

Superpave Center Technical Director

Rebecca McDaniel works with the Superpave Center to assist agencies and industry in the North Central region and continue the development and implementation of the Superpave system for asphalt binder and mixture design. For more information, click here.

Leila Nyberg

Graduate student, Civil Engineering/Ecological Sciences and Engineering

Founder, Anaerobic Innovations

Leila Nyberg formed an environmental consulting firm, Anaerobic Innovations, based on her research efforts at Purdue University. 


Alyssa Panitch

Leslie A. Geddes Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Alyssa Panitch's research interests include novel, bio-molecular-based biomaterials, molecular engineering, regenerative medicine, protein derived pharmaceuticals and bioactive and biomimetic materials. Her research helped create the startup Symic Biomedical, which is commercializing the research developed in her lab. Read more about Alyssa Panitch here.

Jenna Rickus

Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Joint appointment with Biomedical Engineering

Jenna Rickus is involved in research focused on controlling and mimicking cells as an engineered dynamic system. The practical implications of her work span agricultural, biomedical and food safety applications. To read more about Jenna Rickus, click here.


Ann Rundell

Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ann Rundell's research interests include control of cellular processes, systems biology, computational cell biology and cardiovascular resuscitation. The research approach integrates mathematical modeling, systems analysis, and control theory directly with experiments on biological and physiological systems. For more information about Ann Rundell, click here.

Hong Z. Tan

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Hong Tan's research is in Haptic interfaces, distributed contact sensing, Haptic rendering and psychophysics. Read more about Hong Tan here.

Sherry Voytik-Harbin

Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Basic Medical Sciences

Sherry Voytik-Harbin has research interests ranging from tissue engineering/biomaterials and extracellular matrix to 3D culture systems and mechanotransduction. Find out more about Sherry Voytik-Harbin here.

Linda Wang

Maxine Spencer Nichols Professor of Chemical Engineering

Linda Wang concentrates her research efforts in chemical and biochemical separations. The goals of her research are to understand the kinetics and equilibrium of competitive adsorption at liquid-solid interfaces and to develop novel, economical large scale adsorption processes. To find out more, click here.

College of Health and Human Sciences


Azza Ahmed

Associate Professor, School of Nursing

Azza Ahmed specializes in developing and testing interventions that support and improve breast feeding outcomes among vulnerable populations, especially preterm infants. She designed LACTOR, an interactive web-based breastfeeding monitoring system, and is currently conducting a random controlled trial. To read more about Azza Ahmed, click here.

Jennifer Freeman

Associate Professor, Toxicology 

Jennifer Freeman's research interests are currently focused on investigating the adverse health effects of exposure to environmental stressors on human and environmental health. For more information, click here.

Jessica Huber

Professor, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Co-founder, SpeechVive

Jessica Huber's work is focused on motor speech disorders, aging and speech physiology. She has worked to create a device, called SpeechVive, to help Parkinson's patients speak more clearly. She founded the company SpeechVive to commercialize the device. Read more about Jessica Huber here.


Elsa Janle

Associate Research Professor, Nutrition Science 

Elsa Janle's major interest is in diabetes and glucose control. She developed an ultrafiltrate probe to monitor glucose in diabetics without the removal of blood. To learn more, click here.

Jane Kirkpatrick

Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences

Head, School of Nursing

Associate Professor, Nursing 

Jane Kirkpatrick's research is focused on evaluating the use of technology to support nursing education, specifically the impact and value of embedded motivational strategies on student learning outcomes. To learn more, click here.

Christine Ladisch

Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences 

Christine Ladisch is the first dean of Purdue University's College of Health and Human Sciences since its launch in 2010. To read more about Christine Ladisch, click here.

Sara McComb

Associate Professor, Nursing

Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering

Sara McComb's research interests are in collaborative cognition, team communication and teamwork in healthcare delivery. To read more about her work, click here.

Dorothy Morré

Professor Emeritus, Nutrition Science

Co-founder, Mor-NuCo, LLC 

Dorothy Morré's nutrition research at Purdue led to the formation of Mor-NuCo, LLC, a company working toward the prevention of cancer. To find out more about the company, click here.

Huiling (Linda) Nie

Associate Professor, Health Sciences

Assistant Professor, Nuclear Engineering (courtesy), College of Engineering

Huiling (Linda) Nie has research in the nuclear physics and radiology spectrums, ranging from the application of nuclear physics in environmental health to radiation protection. To find out more about Huiling Nie's research projects, click here.


Shirley Rietdyk

Professor, Health and Kinesiology

Shirley Rietdyk's research focus is the interaction of the neural and mechanical systems in mobility, posture and balance. Her work is included on a device called SmartGait, which uses a smartphone to help predict falls in the elderly. Read more about Shirley Rietdyk here.

Amanda Seidl

Professor, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences 

Amanda Seidl's research is in infant speech perception, phonological development and learning as well as autism spectrum disorders. Find out more about Amanda Seidl here.

Anne Smith

Distinguished Professor, Speech. Language and Hearing Sciences 

Anne Smith's research program focuses on the neurophysiological bases of speech production. Read more about Anne Smith's work here.

Susie Swithers

Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience 

Susie Swithers is studying the effects of experience on the development of controls of ingestive behavior and body weight. For more information, click here.

Dorothy Teegarden

Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs

Department of Nutrition Science 

Dorothy Teegarden's laboratory is investigating the role and the mechanism of vitamin D metabolites in regulation of proteins during cancer progression and breast cancer. To learn more about her work, click here.

Su-Jung (Candace) Tsai

Assistant Professor, Occupational Health

Nanotechnology Occupational Environmental Health and Safety

Su-Jung Tsai's research interests address diverse aspects of environmental health and safety and industrial hygiene in general, with a special focus on nanotechnology. Find out more about Su-Jung Tsai's research projects here.


Connie Weaver

Distinguished Professor and Department Head, Nutrition Sciences

Connie Weaver holds national positions in the area of food and nutrition and her research interests include mineral bioavailability, calcium metabolism and bone health. For more information about Connie Weaver, click here.

Christine Weber-Fox

Professor, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences 

Christine Weber-Fox leads research in language processing utilizing event-related brain potentials, typical and disordered language processing in children and is also working on the Purdue Stuttering Project. For more information, click here.

Ronnie Wilbur

Professor, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Professor, Linguistics 

Ronnie Wilbur's research interests are in linguistic theory, sign language linguistics and deafness language and literacy. For more information about Ronnie Wilbur, click here.

College of Pharmacy


Marietta Harrison

Associate Vice President for Research

Director, Oncological Sciences Center

Associate Director, Purdue University Center for Cancer Research

Professor, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology 

Marrietta Harrison's lab studies the signaling molecule Lck, which is required for the activation of T-cells. For more information, click here.

Karen Suchanek Hudmon

Professor, Pharmacy Practice 

Karen Suchanek Hudmon leads research in tobacco use and dependence, from treatment to the study of predictors and understanding the role of genetics in the development of tobacco use. To learn more, click here.

Carol Post

Professor, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology 

Carol Post's specialization is computational chemistry and biological NMR. To learn more, click here.

Elizabeth Topp

Head, Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy

Dane O. Kildsig Chair in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy

Elizabeth Topp's research specialization is in protein stability and formulation. She focuses on the chemical and physical stability of protein drugs, with particular emphasis on chemical degradation reactions in the amorphous solid state. Read more about Elizabeth Topp here.


Yoon Yeo

Associate Professor, Industrial and Physical Pharmacy

Associate Professor (courtesy), Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering

Yoon Yeo's research specializes in controlled drug delivery, bio-nanotechnology, and tissue engineering as well as therapeutic particle engineering and inhalation drug delivery. She is working to develop new drug delivery systems and biomaterials enabling safe, efficient and clinically viable delivery of drugs in a target-specific manner. To find out more, click here.


College of Science

Patricia Bauman

Professor of Mathematics

Patti Bauman studies the math behind liquid crystals, which could lead to better LCD displays, new wearable technologies and other applications.  Learn more about Patti and her research here.


Ximena Bernal

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences 

Ximena Bernal's research interests are with the interface between behavior, evolution and ecology with a focus on animal communication. To learn more about her research, click here.

Elisa Bertino

Professor, Computer Science

Research Director, CERIAS

Director, Cyber Center, Discovery Park

Elisa Bertino has a courtesy appointment as professor of electrical and computer engineering. Her research combines both theoretical and practical aspects, addressing applications on a number of domains, such as medicine and humanities. Read more about Elisa Bertino here.


Jean Chmielewski

Alice Watson Kramer Distinguished Professor of Organic Chemistry/Chemical Biology

Jean Chmielewski's research program develops small molecules, peptides and peptidomimetics for three general goals: drug discovery, bionanotechnology and cellular delivery of therapeutic agents.  Find out more about Jean Chmielewski here.

Nancy Emery

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences 

Nancy Emery is an evolutionary ecologist that studies how plants adapt and persist in a constantly changing world. To find out more about Emery's work, click here.

Donna Fekete

Professor, Biological Sciences 

Donna Fekete's work is in the area of the molecular basis of inner ear development, including morphogenesis, cell fate specification, axon guidance and sensory cell differentiation. To find out more about her research, click here.

Christine Hrycyna

Professor, Biochemistry

Christine Hrycyna has research interests in the field of multidrug resistance in human cancer and is working to understand certain proteins to develop new inhibitory agents to facilitate the treatment of a large number of human cancers. To read more about Christine Hrycyna, click here.

Hilkka Kenttämaa

Professor, Analytical and Organic Chemistry

Hilkka Kenttämaa's interest is in various aspects of organic and bioorganic mass spectrometry with the focus areas including fundamental understanding of gas-phase chemistry and structural characterization of molecules. Read more about her research here.

Maureen McCann

Professor, Biological Sciences

Director, Energy Center at Discovery Park 

Maureen McCann studies the cell walls of various plant types with the goal to understand how the molecular machinery of the plant cell wall contributes to cell growth and specialization. To learn more, click here.

Kavita Shah

Walther Associate Professor of Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Kavita Shah is researching various aspects of kinases and proteins and their role in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Read more about Kavita Shah's research here.

Cynthia Stauffacher

Professor, Biological Sciences

Cynthia Stauffacher leads research in macromolecular structure and assembly using X-ray crystallography, membrane associated proteins and enzyme structure and function as they relate to multidrug resistance and cystic fibrosis. Find out more about Cynthia Stauffacher's research here.

Elizabeth Taparowsky

Professor, Biological Sciences 

Elizabeth Taparowsky's research is in proteins that regulate growth, specifically the Batf family of basic leucine zipper transcription factors. To learn more about this work, click here.

Mary Wirth

W. Brooks Fortune Distinguished Professor-Analytical Chemistry

Mary Wirth works at the interface of chemistry and medicine with the focus to create technology for earlier detection of diseases. She has founded a company called bioVidria Inc. to further develop a chromatography column technology that helps identify impurities in protein-based drugs. Read more about Mary Wirth here.

Yu Xia

Associate Professor, Analytical Chemistry

Yu Xia's research program is centered on the development of new gas-phase ion chemistry and mass spectrometric methods for bio-analysis. The current research effort includes instrumentation development, bio-radical chemistry and MS method development. Find out more about Yu Xia here.

Purdue polytechnic institute


Nicoletta Adamo-Villani

Director, IDEA Laboratory

Professor, Computer Graphics Technology 

Nicoletta Adamo-Villani's research interests include educational technology, HCC and character animation. Read more about her research here.

Kari Clase

Coordinator, Biotechnology Program
Assistant Professor

Kari Clase's lab investigates the mechanisms controlling neural cell proliferation and differentiation within brain tumors. To read more about Kari Clase, click here.

Melissa Dark

Associate Dean of Planning and Research

W.C. Furnas Professor of Computer and Information Technology

Professor of Computer Science (courtesy) 

Melissa Dark's research includes broadening participation in data mining program, Purdue Innovation Network and preparing cyber security leaders. To read more about Melissa Dark, click here.

Jenny Daugherty

Associate Professor, Technology Leadership and Innovation 

Jenny Daugherty is interested in STEM professional development, particularly spanning high school to workforce education. To read more about her projects, click here.

Nancy Denton

Associate Department Head, Academic Affairs


Nancy Denton leads research in machine design, data acquisition and machine health monitoring. To read more, click here.

Marisa Exter

Assistant Professor, Learning and Design Technology
Purdue Polytechnic Educational Research & Development 

Marisa Exter has a desire to explore ways to improve the teaching of computer science, including the use of cross-disciplinary collaborations. To read more about Marisa Exter, click here.

Alka Harriger


Alka Harriger's research projects include IT Girls, SPIRIT and TECHFIT with interests in technology applied to fitness, reducing the IT gender gap and wearable computing. To read more, click here.

Sarah Hubbard

Assistant Professor 

Sarah Hubbard's research projects include linear LED airfield lighting and aviation rumble strips to enhance aviation safety. To read more about Sarah Hubbard, click here.

Mary Johnson

Assistant Department Head, Research

Associate Professor 

Mary Johnson's research areas are aviation emissions, enterprise performance and improvement, strategic justification of technologies and general aviation data analysis. Read more about Mary Johnson here.

Daphne Koch

Associate Professor 

Daphne Koch's research interests are in mechanical construction, expertise in site materials management and STEM and assessment of training in construction. To read more, click here.

Dawn Laux

Clinical Assistant Professor 

Dawn Laux's research interests are in technology acceptance, database management and online learning. To find out more about Dawn Laux, click here.

Alejandra Magana

Associate Professor, Computer and Information Technology, Engineering Education 

Alejandra Magana's research interests range from scientific computing-as-leverage to conceptual understanding of complex problems in science and engineering to integrating computational, scientific and engineering thinking into K-12 education. To read more, click here.

Julie Mariga

Associate Professor 

Julie Mariga works with increasing the number of women and minorities in computing disciplines, social computing/social media and global IT and education. To read more about Julie Mariga, click here.

Linda Naimi

Associate Professor, Technology Leadership and Innovation 

Linda Naimi's research interests are in global, legal, technological and ethical challenges of organizational leadership. Read more about Linda Naimi here.

Kathryne Newton

Associate Dean, Graduate Programs 

Kathryne Newton's research interests include human resource development, industrial training and graduate education. To learn more, click here.

Mary Sadowski

Dean of Purdue Extended Campus

Professor, Computer Graphics Technology 

Mary Sadowski's research interests are in enhancing visualization skills, online learning, concept inventory for engineering graphics and creative thinking. To read more about Mary Sadowski, click here.

Julia Taylor

Assistant Professor 

Julia Taylor's long-term research interest and goal are to enable people to communicate with computers informally, using any language, with the full understanding of what is said and unsaid. For more information, click here.

Mihaela Vorvoreanu

Coordinator, Computer Graphics Technology Graduate Program

Associate Professor, Computer Graphics Technology 

Mihaela Vorvoreanu's research interests range from social media culture, principles and social norms to the use of social media in education. To learn more, click here.

College of Veterinary Medicine


Lynetta Freeman

Associate Professor, Small Animal Surgery 

Lynetta Freeman is leading research on minimally invasive surgery, minimally invasive neurologic surgery and development of new instruments for minimally invasive surgery. For more information about Lynetta Freeman, click here.

Sophie Lelièvre

Associate Professor, Cancer Pharmacology, Basic Medical Sciences

Sophie Lelièvre's primary research focus is on methods of breast cancer prevention. Her current research focuses on understanding the mechanisms by which the organization of components of the cell nucleus directs the expression and stability of the genome and how tissue architecture influences nuclear organization. Read more about Sophie Lelièvre here.

Kathy Ragheb

Laboratory Technician, Department of Basic Medical Sciences

Kathy Ragheb works on many research studies at Purdue University and is included on several published papers.

Christina Wilson

Clinical Associate Professor, Toxicology

Department Head, Toxicology Section

Head Chemist


Krannert School of Management


Lisa Burke

Project Manager and Research Associate

Lisa Burke leads projects within the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence.

Ellen Kossek

Basil S. Turner Professor of Management and Research

Director, Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership

Ellen Kossek is leading research on managing organizational change involving work-life and flexibility initiatives, gender, diversity and leadership as well as international human resources management, mulitculturalism and workplace inclusion. Read more about Ellen Kossek here.


Purdue University - Calumet


Neeti Parashar

Professor, Physics, Department of Chemistry and Physics 

Neeti Parashar has research funded by the National Science Foundation and US-CMS Research Program at Fermilab with her focus in high energy physics. Read more about her research here.

Libbie Pelter

Associate Professor, Chemistry, Department of Chemistry and Physics

Libbie Pelter's research interests include computational chemistry, catalysis of carbon-carbon bond forming reactions and Indiana Advanced Electric Vehicle Training and Education Consortium (I-AEVTec). Read more about Libbie Pelter here.

Besma Smida

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Besma Smida leads research in two-way communications, air to ground (ATG) communication systems, bi-directional relaying, network coded HARQ and low peak mean to envelope power ratio OFDM. Find out more about Besma Smida here.

Chenn Zhou

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

Director, Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation

Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, Research and Graduate Studies 

Chenn Zhou has been developing state-of-the-art CFD models and applied themt o aluminum, glass, refinery, still and power industries. She established the Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation to integrate advanced computer simulation and virtual reality visualization technologies. To learn more about Chenn Zhou, click here.



Emily Bouck

Associate Professor, Special Education

Emily Bouck's research is dedicated to improving the in-school and post school outcomes of secondary students with high incidence disabilities. Read more about Emily Bouck here.

Rachel Box

Apparel design and technology major, Purdue University

Founder, Guarders 

Rachel Box founded Guarders as a Purdue student to develop shapewear with integrated pockets for women to carry belongings such as their phones, keys or credit card. For more information, click here.

Sally Byrn

Founder, SSCI

CEO (retired), Family Services

Sally Byrn used her nursing, organization and negotiation skills to create SSCI, Inc., a research and information company that provides highly valued knowledge and information to the pharmaceutical industry. Read more about Sally Byrn here.

Nathalie Duval-Couetil

Associate Professor of Technology, Leadership and Innovation

Director, Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

Associate Director, Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship

Nathalie Duval-Couetil is responsible for the launch and development of Purdue University's multidisciplinary undergraduate entrepreneurship program. She has established entrepreneurship capstone, global entrepreneurship, and women and leadership courses and initiatives. For more information, click here.

Shannon McMullen

Assistant Professor, Electronic and Time-based Art

Shannon McMullen's work in time-based art has led to creations such as SoyBots. For more information, click here.

Emily Mishler

Apparel design and technology major, Purdue University

Founder, Get Involved-Be the Change

Emily Mishler founded Get Involved-Be the Change as a Purdue student to create a sustainable network of non-profit organizations on a national level and help raise money for these non-profit organizations through the creation and sale of handmade scarves. Read about Emily Mishler's company here.


Laurie Parker

Co-founder, KinaSense

Laurie Parker's work at Purdue University led to technology that is now being commercialized by KinaSense LLC. To find out more about KinaSense, click here.

Andrea Trice

Former Purdue University faculty, entrepreneur and author

Andrea Trice is a former assistant professor at Purdue University who created her own company, Trice and Associates, to provide management consulting with survey and qualitative research. She moved on to become a partner with Catapult L3C, a company advancing charitable goals with for-profit solutions.

Candiss Vibbert

Assistant Vice President for Engagement

Associate Director for Discovery Park Engagement

Associate Director for Purdue Research Park Engagement 

Candiss Vibbert works to connect external organizations with Discovery Park, the Purdue Research Park and Purdue faculty. For more information, click here.