Bindu Komalavally

Bindu Komalavally, Finance & License Compliance Specialist II, Office of Technology Commercialization. Komalavally currently manages the office's financial data and license compliance. She holds a master's degree in botany and an associate degree in computer technology from Purdue University. She joined the Office of Technology Commercialization in 2005.

  • What outdated fashion would you love to see brought back? Corset and big skirt.
  • What is one invention that you just couldn't live without? Strong cup of tea, need that little jolt in the morning.
  • Other than safety and fuel efficiency, what is one aspect that you will not compromise on when searching for a new car? Power windows.
  • Write out in three steps what your plan of action would be if a mouse just ran by your door. Whack, whack and whack.
OTC Title: 
Finance & License Compliance Specialist II
Contact Information: 

Bindu Komalavally
(765) 588-3474