Compact disc technology puts a new spin on disease diagnostics

A Purdue University physicist and chemistry professor have teamed up to develop a human diagnostics system – a BioCD – that detects biomarkers in the blood by using a direct-read, multiplexing approach that measures captured content (DNA, RNA, protein, etc.). This captured content indicates either the healthy state of an individual screening, a specific disease state that an individual may be suffering from (diagnostics of personalized medicine) or the physiological reaction of the human body to a therapeutic that is being tested/developed. This science is known as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, etc., and is expected to redefine how diagnostics are performed, drugs are developed, and therapeutics are prescribed over the next ten years.

The technology is licensed to Perfinity Biosciences, Inc., a Purdue Research Park-based company in West Lafayette, Ind., that is backed primarily by Indiana angel investors.