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Purdue University

Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) – This foundation exists to advance the mission of Purdue University. In addition to accepting gifts, administering trusts, funding research scholarships and grants, acquiring property and negotiating research contracts on behalf of Purdue, PRF is charged with furthering Purdue’s economic development agenda through the management of the Office of Technology Commercialization as well as the Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette and satellite technology centers around the state.

Purdue Research Park – The research park provides an interactive environment for private business/industry, mainly in the high-tech arena, and experienced Purdue University researchers.

Purdue University Industry Research and Technology Programs – This office serves as a point of contact for faculty and corporations interested in research partnerships.

Purdue University Sponsored Program Services – This office submits proposals and negotiates contracts for externally sponsored projects, administers sponsor awards, provides management data on sponsored projects, and provides research communication services.

Affiliate Organizations

Association of University Technology Managers – This is a nonprofit international association with a membership of more than 2,300 technology managers and business executives who manage intellectual property. The web site contains valuable information and resources for those in the technology transfer industry.

Licensing Executives Society – This is a professional society comprised of over 5,000 members who are involved in the transfer, use, development, manufacture and marketing of intellectual property, including professionals in the field of law, academics, science government and the private sector. The web site contains technology transfer educational, service and publication information.

Resources for inventors

U.S. Copyright Office – This office provides detailed information on copyrights.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office – This office provides detailed information on patents and trademarks.