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Purdue startup commercializing innovation to reduce neurotoxin that damages nerve cells, triggers pain

September 16, 2014 — WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A Purdue startup is commercializing a technology that could reduce the symptoms and pain of neurological disease and injury, including multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain and Parkinson's disease.The innovation developed by Neuro Vigor LLC could reduce the symptoms and pain by identifying and lowering the amount of a neurotoxin, called acrolein, that rises with disease and injury, and whose reduction has potential to yield significant therapeutic benefits.  Read More

Purdue-based startup manufactures high-value fragrance chemicals, improves biofuel production

September 11, 2014 — WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - A Purdue University innovator is commercializing technology that creates high-value, renewable chemicals used in the flavor and fragrance industry from wood lignin and that could make biofuel production more efficient.Mahdi Abu-Omar, president and founder of Spero Energy Inc. and the Purdue R.B. Wetherill Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, said these industries face challenges to make their products in a more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. Read More