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Purdue-based startup manufactures high-value fragrance chemicals, improves biofuel production

September 11, 2014 — WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - A Purdue University innovator is commercializing technology that creates high-value, renewable chemicals used in the flavor and fragrance industry from wood lignin and that could make biofuel production more efficient.Mahdi Abu-Omar, president and founder of Spero Energy Inc. and the Purdue R.B. Wetherill Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, said these industries face challenges to make their products in a more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. Read More

Device to help people with Parkinson's disease communicate better now available

September 10, 2014 — LAFAYETTE, Ind.  - SpeechVive Inc. announced Wednesday (Sept. 10) the commercial launch of the SpeechVive device intended to help people with a soft voice due to Parkinson's disease speak more loudly and communicate more effectively. Read More