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NMTI announces breakthrough solutions for HAMR nanoantenna for next-generation ultra-high density magnetic storage

November 21, 2014 — WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Researchers at Nano-Meta Technologies Inc. (NMTI) in the Purdue Research Park have shown how to overcome key limitations of a material that could enable the magnetic storage industry to achieve data-recording densities far beyond today's computers. Read More

Purdue 3-D printing innovation capable of making stronger, lighter metal works for auto, aerospace industries

November 20, 2014 — WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. and CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. - A Purdue innovation that produces stronger, lighter metal parts that work for the automotive and aerospace industries through a new, 3-D printing technology is being commercialized through Frontier Additive Manufacturing LLC, a Crawfordsville, Indiana-based company. Read More