Purdue Innovators

Awards - Purdue faculty and staff have recived awards for Outstanding Commercialization and or been inducted into Purdue's innovator hall of fame.

Deliberate Innovation for Faculty (DIFF) -  DIFF, provides mentoring for Purdue innovators who have an interest in translating their inventions to the public through commercialization, collaboration or entrepreneurship.

Faculty in the Park - These innovators are helping move innovations to the market through work with Purdue Research Park companies.

Purdue Women Innovators - Purdue University has a long history of supporting strong women leaders. The trend continues with Purdue women innovators and entrepreneurs who are making their mark in the world of technology transfer and commercialization. It is estimated that more than 100 women are actively engaged in entrepreneurial activities at Purdue, many of whom have founded startups in addition to their academic or administrative responsibilities.